Federico Curradi: a neverending journey toward style

Federico Curradi: a neverending journey toward style

Born in Florence in 1975, Federico Curradi moved to New York City when still in his early twenties. There he began selling his own line of men’s trousers, practically just for fun. Previously he had an apprenticeship job at a Florentine tailor’s shop dating back to the 16th century, so got an excellent chance to learn some initial secrets of the craft.

Eventually Federico went on to create another collection for the U.S. market, winning appreciation among some of Manhattan’s top fashion retailers.

Upon returning to Italy, Federico Curradi caught the attention of Florentine designer Ermanno Daelli. This led to his appointment as head of the men’s styling office at the house of Scervino and subsequently to his first steps toward the world of fashion sportswear, a cross between sartorial precision and casual ease.

In 2005 he chose to continue on his creative path at the house of Roberto Cavalli where, as head of the men’s collection, he gained valuable new experience working inventively with prints, leathers, denims. In 2006 came the call from Paolo Gerani inviting Federico to become Fashion and Creative Consultant for Iceberg menswear. Working beautifully together, the two pursued the mission of rethinking the rules of knitwear and launching on the market a fresh concept of chic weekend wear.

They embarked on a route of research & development to define collections with both a distinct urbansporty appeal and, true to Iceberg’s DNA, an art influence, a Pop Art inspiration in particular. Federico grew with the company, imbuing the heritage, drawing from the archives, specializing in the magic behind the brand’s signature knits.

He has the soul of an indefatigable traveler, ever in pursuit of new stimuli, shapes and colors. As if his favorite object were a travel bag to fill with art books, fabric swatches, historical influences, glorious traditions, innovative ideas.

When not on the road, Federico divides his time between his atelier overlooking the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and his hillside home on the outskirts of town where he loves to get away, take care of the animals, immerse himself in nature.

With the spring summer 2014 collection, Federico Curradi is officially named Creative Director of Iceberg Menswear. Paolo Gerani, Gilmar CEO and Artistic Director, will make the introductions.