The art of communication

The more the brand grew the greater the demand became for a form of communication that could cross borders, spark the curiosity and interest of an uncommon audience.
Silvano Gerani, a big Formula One fan, found the solution. What better way to enter the homes of people worldwide than through Grand Prix car racing? Sure, the approach would not come cheap, an hour’s worth of advertising would cost the equivalent of an entire year’s budget. Though not everyone at Gilmar agreed with the idea, the company made a handshake deal with Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone. Subsequently, Iceberg sales doubled year after year.

Simulating a seismograph that detects shifts well below the surface, Iceberg chose in March 1993 to sponsor the Rainforest Foundation concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Taking turns on stage, singers Tina Turner, James Taylor, Brian Adams, Sting and George Michael raised almost a million dollars for an initiative – saving Amazonia – originally set in motion by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. Meanwhile, enthusiastically embracing the cause, Silvano, Giuliana, daughter Patrizia and son Paolo joined the Foundation’s Executive Committee.