Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Collection

The frenetic pace of life in the big metropolis, the dynamic flux and constant discovery of new styles and languages.

Young men speeding toward work on bikes, racing against time on a journey full of hidden dangers and amazing surprises.

Everyday experience becomes urban safari: so is the inspiration for a collection offering a unique slant on our new liquid society. The constant motion that, in the Information Age, turns living into a great adventure once again.

An urbane vision of dressing where formal duality – daytime/evening, inside/outdoor, warm/cold – finds expression in a sole all-encompassing solution.

Sportswear moves forward, evolves thanks to the elaboration of specific designs, items then made finer and richer through tech mesh linings, double openwork leathers, intarsia knits, ergonomic cuts and grosgrain inserts.

Fleece fabric, cashmere, jersey and silk in black, navy and khaki hues. Touches of blue and orange evoking 1990s industrial design, back when shape & color were one and the same.