Summer, super summer!
Palm Springs, Californian summery feeling to an active city woman. It all starts with blocks of intense color - blue, red, pink - and the black and white of the micro prints : patchworks designed as Memphis furniture.
High-waisted trousers and lapels with slogans such as popsicles package. California and color: it can not be more summer! The fuchsia and orange are the uniform of the heroine of a video game. Fully printed mini dresses, jackets and pants.
Step by step, black and white is taking over, graphic prints, stripes and organic shapes for a technoïd turn.
In a dream where the dragon fruit is the main character, wardrobe for the night.
Black is structuring the fantasy. Virtual versus real movement : video game and sports. Keyword: canyoning. Water and stone. Cuts and rounded edges like scuba suits: zip and straps. Let’s play, pasting stickers everywhere … fruits, spaceships, cocktails and climbers glitter applications on ultra lightweight chiffon … Sparkling plastron covered by a draping of soft embroidery.
Robust leather strap sandals with solid and curved forms heels, rubber effect to the touch. Belts as climbing gear on each silhouette, bucket bags and eyewear reminding the diving ones.