My appointment as creative director of Iceberg surprised and thrilled me. For my debut I decided to start from this brand’s most authentic DNA: knitwear, the element comprising more than 80% of the new spring-summer 2016 Iceberg collection. Working alongside artisans is a continual discovery: the transition from idea to reality has never come so naturally to me. Above all, the very technique, the know-how has become a source of inspiration. I took my place face to face with the 40 years of Iceberg history with a keen sense of curiosity and a wish for great fun. I felt as if I were stepping outside the radar of my own plan of action so as to bring what I know and what I like into a new and interesting territory. The army aesthetic and a sport type of cut, both intrinsic to the Iceberg style, were the beginning of my story. To these I added a streak of madness, a playful spirit drawing upon the multicolored creativity and the sense of humor of Enrico Baj, an Italian artist I admire for his carefree concept of anarchy. My intent is to give shape – through clothing – to the idea of freshness and energy emblematic of today’s world. With Iceberg I’d like to build an easy wardrobe, cosmopolitan, irreverent and sensual at the same time. Knit fabric, in the role of raw material, is perfect for fulfilling this task. It’s a narrative tool able to capture and express the urge to break the rules, while staying true to tradition. Finally, there’s my love for sharp graphics and for the opposite disorder. Jacquard and vinyl. Straight lines and soft lines. Optical designs and flat surfaces. By looking at the collection a melodic score out of rhythm in a few spots comes to my mind. It mirrors my aesthetic: rigor and anarchy, a counterpoint that leads me to stretch the style to its limits. Then stop and glance backward, lighthearted.

Arthur Arbesser