A Japanese guy in Williamsburg: Nipponic culture meets American culture and Edo art takes on a Pop slant.
A dual foray into traditional Japanese art and American pop street art, merging the two to capture a new idea of globalization.
Here’s a guy with a formidable personality, the irreverent spirit of a rebel who makes and lives by his own rules. A bad boy or a street artist? Who can say, for one clearly expressive way to rebel is through art. Possibly after midnight, in the secret depths of the dark…
For FW 15-16 the Iceberg men’s collection centers on knits and talks about a rich intertwining of different materials: wool, camel, mohair, cashmere.
Yarns mimicking how pure color comes into play when painting on canvas, mixing and dissolving the hues to find the proper texture. Yarns blended, brushed, felted and pressed using intarsio and jacquard techniques to give definition to a new wool knitwear textile. Classic shapes, lines and volumes intersect the severe elegance of a kimono cut, so exploring a fresh form of comfort in men’s clothing, a distinctive ease, a smart new vision where a sense of sobriety and masculinity endures.
Coats and jackets have artisanal detailing.
Prints reflect a fusion between contemporary street art and traditional Japanese art. Cartoons, robots & samurais say it all.
Colors combine J.M. Basquiat’s palette with bright pop tones: burgundy, tobacco, sky blue, brick red, forest green, ochre, mustard, navy, beige and antique rose.