Iceberg 400th anniversary canal cruise discovering the town from the water

JULY 11Th 2013

The year 2013 marks the 400th anniversary since construction began on Amsterdam’s world-famous Canal Ring, an absolutely unique architectonic structure named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. To celebrate this special anniversary Iceberg has invited local and international friends and journalists on an exclusive cruise through the city’s charming network of canals.

The Ice Iceberg store on PC Hoofstraat, a legendary Dutch shopping street, is where everyone will meet to begin a day devoted to discovering Amsterdam from the water.

The itinerary included some of the most interesting sights in town, from the Herengracht Canal built expressly for Amsterdam’s nobility, all the way to the Munttoren Tower and the Zuiderkerk Church and other fascinating monuments.

Backdrop for the event is the “Juliana”: a luxurious flat bottom boat with the same name as Gilmar founder Giuliana Marchini Gerani.

Iceberg joins Amsterdam on this wonderful occasion, highlighting the allure of a land which Lonely Planet and The New York Times put on the list of the destinations not to miss in 2013, all while underscoring the importance of foreign markets to the success of fine Italian fashion.

The Benelux countries, where the Gilmar labels are present in both multibrand and own-brand stores, account in fact for a significant part of the company’s annual 100 million euro sales volume.