I Mitici: bracelets inspired by Greek mythology

She wove the web during the day only to unravel it during the night…

For the Milan, Rome and Amsterdam Vogue Fashion’s Night Out events, Iceberg has created “I Mitici”: an exclusive capsule collection of bracelets inspired by Greek mythology, in particular by The Odyssey and the tale of Penelope’s web. So referencing the Italian brand’s long history of making unique and gorgeous knits.

The cotton/lurex knit women’s bracelet comes in three stunning color combos, the braided cotton knit men’s one in two different chromatic mixes. Most importantly, the bracelets reflect the symbols and values inherent to the two mythological figures: on the one hand the strength, courage and ingenuity of Ulysses; on the other, the beauty, nobility and astuteness of his wife Penelope.