“Become a hero”

Transformation in motion. Material gives way to shape.

The classic traditional inspiration evolves into a high tech dimension through an inventive use of textures and prints.

Bruce Wayne, Gotham City’s famous philanthropist who usually dresses in glen plaids and tweeds, becomes a heroic Batman when he sports techno clothes.

The two souls and two personalities animating the collection co-exist in perfect unison in the combination of luxurious and modern fabrics, along with knits in latest-generation expressions.

Setting the tone are prints that bypass typical geometric patterns in favor of degradé and explosive tridimensional effects. Wool/silk coats, jacquard jackets, neoprene sweatshirts, silk and poplin shirts, classic trousers all create an impressive sense of optical illusion.

References to the world of skaters serve to influence lengths and to add fine elements of activewear with punk elements in shoes and leathers.

Colors: black makes a statement in the trims and accents, inlays and knits. It enhances and contextualizes the individual pieces, while also reflecting a unique attention to detail emblematic of the street style. Classic navy blue, melange and gray hues are offset by a deep dark red and by black-green.